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Monday, November 16, 2009

3 Baseball Hitting Instruction Tips For Better Hitting Mechanics

By Rob Bucher

Baseball hitting instruction comes in many forms and from many different people. Dads bark out instructions to their sons and coaches do the same.

As a player and a coach all this terminology not only confuses the hitter, but is usually wrong.

Let me explain...

Most of the time coaches instruct using the same coaching they received as a player. If they had a great coach then they teach proper hitting mechanics...usually.

And players have to listen to the coach or they fear getting lodged in the dog house for a season.

It's why I want to share three baseball hitting instruction tips to help players and coaches.

First I want you to throw out all your terminology and if your a player, erase them from your memory.

A good coach does not instruct a player without showing him the correct way and the wrong way. They also put the player into swing mechanics positions so he can feel what's right.

Never throw your hands or arm at the ball. The further your arms get away from the body, the less strength you have in your swing. Get in a strong position by keeping your hands closer to the body. Think of a ice skater, they spin faster with their arms closer to the body.
You don't swing with the arms first. You allow the hips to trigger the swing and pull the upper body through the hitting zone.
You make contact with the ball with your arm closest to the pitcher slightly bent and the other arm in a L position slotted next to your side. You should not cast your bat out and make contact with the ball with your arms extended.

Hopefully these tips will help both player and coach when looking for better baseball hitting instruction.

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